About us





Futako Beer is a local craft beer that blends the cityscape and culture of the town from which it was born, Futakotamagawa. It is a beer that reflects the pride of the town and its people, and truly embodies the essence of the local culture.

We believe that the connection between people and the surrounding community are the root of what makes a great beer, and with this in mind, we aim for just that. A beer which represents the local community, and has a flavor that changes lives.

The beer culture of Futakotamagawa. Hops and barley are grown within the region just for beer brewing, and it is these local resources that we utilize in Futako Beer. By valuing handmade craftsmanship, making use of local ingredients, and giving back to the local community you can find the foundations of Futako Beer.

Therefore, it is our mission to continue the pursuit for the best glass of Futako Beer, one that brings a smile to your face, and leaves you with an unforgettable experience. We hope that you can continue to enjoy Futako Beer with one another.  Cheers!